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T A N  T I P S  

Getting the most out of your tanning appointment, how to prepare, what will happen during and post care advice.
 B e f o r e  Y o u r  A p p o i n t m e n t.

To ensure smooth skin and settled hair follicles, waxing, shaving or plucking should be completed 24 hours before application. On the note of hair removal, post-tan, you'll want to keep hair removal to a minimum, as this is a form of exfoliation that can cause your tan to fade prematurely if done too frequently. So, make sure to thoroughly remove any hair you'd like prior to your spray tan. Doing these too close to your spray tan session may cause solutions to get caught in your pores.


Do not wear make up to your spray tan appointment. This will prevent your tan from properly adhering to your skin, and if you’ve blended your foundation down your neck, it can leave you with an uneven spray tan


During your spray tan you can wear a bathing suit, underwear and/or bra or nude. Whatever you wear you will have those tan lines.

We will happily provide you with disposable underwear if needed.


To get rid of dry patches and scaly skin, exfoliate your skin a few days before. Focus on the driest areas; elbows, knees, hands, feet and the backs of your ankles. Scrubbing off the dead skin cells and cleaning any oils or impurities to leave the skin completely bare and naked.


Remove products like deodorant and body makeup just before so the tan can adhere to the skin properly. When removing these products, opt for an unscented body scrub. Use it in the shower and thoroughly rinse to ensure no residue is left behind as this can affect the results of your spray tan.

The oils in popular sugar scrubs coat the skin and cause the tan to run right off. Instead, use an exfoliating mitt and skip applying lotion afterward; spray tan formulas stick best to dry skin.


You shouldn't moisturize 12 hours before your spray tan, as that can leave a residue film on the skin that can diminish the effectiveness of the tan. As a general rule of thumb, it's a good idea to prep for a morning appointment the night before, and an afternoon or evening appointment the morning of—so long as it's 12 hours beforehand. don’t use moisturizers unless they are specifically formulated for sunless tanning (i.e., oil‑free)

Lotions, creams, perfumes, and even deodorants can affect how your tan adheres to your skin. Head to your appointment with clean, bare skin.


You should avoid getting a manicure or pedicure after your spray tan and instead plan ahead to paint your nails (or have them polished) before your tanning session. Think about it: Both of these nail procedures involve soaking your fingers and using nail polish remover, among other things that can cause your spray tan to become patchy or fade prematurely. If you’re ever in a situation where it’s already too late to get your mani beforehand and getting your nails done is still a must, make sure your nail technician skips soaking your hands and using lotions or creams.

Beauty Care
A f t e r  Y o u r  A p p o i n t m e n t. 

When the spray tan is over, wait a few minutes, and then put on loose, dark clothing so as not to rub off your new glow.


Aside from prepping your skin by exfoliating, it's also important to add regular, light exfoliation to your routine post-tan so that it fades evenly.


Moisturize every day with a lightweight lotion, especially after showering or bathing. This will keep your tan from becoming dry, which can result in patchy areas, particularly around the ankles, elbows, and knees. Exfoliating and moisturizing without the added sunless tanning boost should help your tan last between a week to 10 days.


Avoid wearing tight clothing and shoes such as boots, socks or tights, which may rub off some of the spray tan and cause uneven results.

Wear dark, loose-fitting clothes.No matter how careful you are, the clothes you wear to your spray tan will end up with some slight discoloration. Although it should wash out easily, to avoid unintentionally staining your outfit, stick with dark clothing. It's also important to wear loose-fitting pieces after your tan. When you're freshly sprayed, the tan can be easily altered, so tight leggings, sleeves, and even your bra can mess with the finished results. A black sundress or loose sweatpants and a T-shirt will do the trick. And if you can, go braless for at least the first few hours afterward.

You’ll also want to avoid wearing any jewelry, which can leave you with funky tan lines!


The concept of getting a “base tan” to prevent sunburn is bogus to begin with—but you should definitely know that a spray tan has no effect on your body’s melanin, which is what causes your skin to tan naturally.

Use a lightweight sunscreen to protect your skin and your faux-glow.


While taking a quick dip in the pool won’t ruin your tan, spending hours on-end in chlorinated water will. Chlorine, which is a kind of bleach, will take the tan right off your skin. As such, we recommend limiting your swim time after you've gotten a spray tan and patting dry right when you get out of the water.

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